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Pantex S.p.A. (whose name comes from the Greek "pan" - all and "tex" - textile) was first established in Biella in 1972 and grew out of companies experiences which had started in the early 1900s : scouring, carbonising and combing wool, as well as collecting, sorting, garnetting and reprocessing wool wastes from combing, spinning and weaving.

In 1983 it moved from Biella to its current mills in nearby Mongrando, where the company has centralised the sorting, cleaning, blending and opening of fibres. 

Pantex provides stock ready for immediate delivery and has developed this service for markets in Italy and elsewhere in Europe for the supply of tops, open tops, scoured wool and carbonised wool on all the fineness range. 

Pantex has been an active member of the Italian Wool Trade Associationsince 1977 and Sistema Moda Italia as well as of the International Wool Textile Organisation.  


Quality and experience is in our DNA and thanks to a careful selection and purchase policy in all the origin markets, and together with our stock service products, and for long-term scheduled deliveries, we provide a high standard of service and assistance to our customers for whom we want to be considered reliable partners.